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Stakeholder Advisory Committee


Amended Vina GSA SHAC Charter_Approved 10-11-23.pdf


The purpose of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SHAC) is to provide input and recommendations to the Vina GSA Board on groundwater sustainability plan development and implementation as further described in the SHAC Charter. The composition of the SHAC is intended to represent the beneficial uses and users of groundwater identified in the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

Terms will be four-years (after initial staggered terms), and interested individuals can apply to become a member of the SHAC. 

The Vina GSA Board has appointed 8 at-large members:

Agricultural Groundwater Users (3):

  • Greg Sohnrey (term exp. 12/31/27)
  • Samantha Lewis (term exp. 12/31/27)
  • Joanne Parsley (term exp. 9/8/25)

Domestic Well Users (2):

  • Anne Dawson (term exp. 12/31/27)
  • Sam Goepp (term exp. 12/9/24)

Environmental Representative (1):

  • Vacant (Accepting applications on a rolling basis)

Local Business Representative (1):

  • Bill Chance (term exp. 12/31/25)

Cal Water Chico (1):

  •  Evan Markey (term exp. 10/14/25)

Water-Scientist (1): 

  • Todd Greene (term exp. 9/28/25) (see Note 2 below)

Non-Irrigated/Rangeland User (1):

  • Vacant (Accepting applications on a rolling basis) (see Note 3 below)


  1. On October 11, 2023, the Vina GSA Board approved proposed changes to the SHAC Charter. The SHAC members whose terms were expected to end in 2023 have been extended until either reappointment or a new appointment has been confirmed by the GSA Board, which is anticipated to be at their next regularl meeting.  Terms for the 2023/2024 appointments will expire in 2027, unless otherwise noted in the Charter.
  2. The CSU, Chico position has been replaced by a water-scientist, or person with water-related experience. Mr. Todd Greene will continue to serve in this position.
  3. The Butte College position has been replaced with a non-irrigated/rangeland user position.

SHAC Vacancy Information and Application