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Funding the Vina GSA

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The following Fact Sheet has been prepared to provide background information related to SGMA, the Vina GSA, and Vina GSA funding.

Vina Funding Fact Sheet_031423.pdf

Vina GSA Long-term Funding

Funding the Vina GSA going forward is critical so that we can locally fund and manage our groundwater resources and work to implement key projects and management actions identified in the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) that will ensure adequate groundwater supplies for all users (domestic, agriculture, and environmental) in the future.

The California legislature passed the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) in 2014 and required the formation of Groundwater Sustainablity Agencies (GSAs) throughout California.  SGMA requires GSAs to manage groundwater at the local level through the development and implementation of GSPs. The Vina GSP must ensure sustainable conditions by 2042 while avoiding six distinct undesirable results. The decisions about sustainability will be made locally and includes public involvement.  This is why the Vina GSA is proactively developing long-term water management solutions to prioritize local interests and keep expenses for landowners to a minimum so that groundwater can be locally managed and protected.

Compliance with SGMA is desired and necesary and securing ongoing funding will ensure that the GSA reaches it goal for sustainable groundwater management by 2042. Managing our groundwater resources through local agency collaboration, stakeholder input and public involvement creates the right water management solutions that benefit our region. The Vina GSA Board is dedicated to navigating SGMA together as a local community.

Funding from 2019 to 2022

Since 2019, when the Vina Groundwater Sustainability Agency (Vina GSA) was established, the Vina GSA has been funded by contributions from each of the member agencies (City of Chico, Butte County, Durham Water District) and in-house staff support. This funding along with grant funding acquired for development of the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) has allowed the Vina GSA to achieve necessary SGMA compliance requirements to date (i.e., Annual Reports summarizing GSA/GSP implementation activities and groundwater monitoring results). Going forward, long-term funding will be needed to support continued Vina GSA administration costs and facilitate ongoing GSP implementation and SGMA compliance actions. Combined, all of these activities are needed to maintain local management of the Vina Subbasin's groundwater resources.

Public Outreach

The goal of the Vina GSA is to maintain open communication with community stakeholders throughout the process of identifying and implementing funding for the Vina GSA. Updates will be posted to this web page including a fact sheet(s) and frequently asked questions. In addition, updates will be distributed to our email list and meetings and workshops may be held.

Meetings and Workshops

The Vina GSA is hosting a series of meetings focusing on the potential funding mechanism for the Vina GSA. Vina GSA Board Meetings, Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SHAC) Meetings, and Workshops will address various components of developing the funding mechanism including additional grants, fees, and/or assessments. Please review the Board and SHAC calendar dates and agendas for funding discussions. The public is encouraged to attend these Board and SHAC meetings to learn more about local groundwater management efforts.

Upcoming Meetings - Check the Calendar for Times and Agendas
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Vina GSA Long-term Funding Workshop – March 28, 2023 

Join us for a public workshop to learn about long-term funding needs for GSP implementation and provide input on funding options. Check the calendar or download the flyer for more information.

Long-term Funding Public Workshop Flyer.pdf

Back in 2022

Vina GSA Funding Workshop – May 25, 2022

In May of 2022, the Vina GSA conducted a Funding Workshop to provide an overview of the funding process to the Board, SHAC, and public. To get an overview of the funding process, review the presentation slides and Workshop Video.

Vina Financing Options Presentation Video 05-25-22Vina Presentation.pdf