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SGMA Overview

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), passed in the fall of 2014, establishes a new structure for managing groundwater resources in California. Groundwater basins and subbasins are defined in the Department of Water Resources (DWR) Bulletin 118 document. SGMA requires Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) to manage groundwater at the local level through the development and implementation of Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs). The GSPs must ensure sustainable conditions by 2042 while avoiding six distinct undesirable results. The decisions about sustainability will be made locally through public involvement.


  • 2017 Formation of the GSAs
  • January 2022 Completed GSPs
  • Annual and 5-year reports thereafter submitted by the GSAs to meet interim milestones
  • 2042 GSPs are fully implemented and sustainability is achieved

How do I get involved?

SGMA requires all Groundwater Sustainability Agencies to engage in outreach and include stakeholders in Groundwater Sustainability Plan development. 

To receive meeting notifications and updates, register on the Butte County SGMA email list by signing up on our website:

  • Click the orange “Join our Email List” button at
  • or text BCWATER to 22828
  • You can also view general information on SGMA, Groundwater Sustainability Agencies, Groundwater Sustainability Plans and other related topics on the Groundwater Exchange website.

SGMA requires the consideration of the interests of all beneficial uses and users of groundwater, and encourages involvement of diverse social, cultural, and economic elements of the population within the subbasin during GSP preparation and implementation. Butte County's Department of Water And Resource Conservation alongside the various other groundwater sustainability agencies, will continue to participate in stakeholder outreach, encouraging involvement and disseminating information regarding SGMA activity within these subbasins for our communities.

SGMA Summary_VinaGSA.pdfSGMA Basin Setting Project Overview 8-15-19.pdf