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Vina GSA Request for Proposals - RFPs

Vina GSA Grant Projects Request for Proposals (RFP)

RFP 02-23_Vina GSA Grant Projects_Final.pdf

We are pleased to announce the release of RFP 02-23 Vina GSA Grant Projects. This Bid has been posted to Public Purchase associated with the Vina Groundwater Sustainability Agency. You are encouraged to register there to receive future notifications from the Vina GSA to vendors through the Public Purchase system directly. 

The Vina Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) is seeking one or more firms to implement Vina GSA Grant Projects (Projects) for the Vina Subbasin. Specifically:

  • Project 1: GSP Updates, Data Gaps and Outreach
  • Project 2: Demand Reduction Strategies in the Vina Subbasin
  • Project 3: Lindo Channel Surface Water Recharge

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Last day to submit Questions/Clarifications: December 8, 2023 by 4:00 PM PST
  • Addedum to answer Questions/Clarification will be posted by December 13, 2023

Proposals must be received by January 9, 2024 by 4:00 PM PST

New 2024 Vina GSA Fee Study Request for Proposals (RFP)

RFP 2024 Fee Study for Vina GSA_11.09.23.pdf

The Vina Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) is requesting proposals from consultants with experience in fee analysis and rate setting for groundwater sustainability agencies. The GSA is primarily interested in the consultant’s experience in relation to setting fees pursuant to Propositions 26 and 218, specifically as they relate to the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).

This Request for Proposals (RFP) is seeking proposals from qualified firms to develop a new 2024 Fee Study focusing on alternative fee options that address the different groundwater users within the Vina Subbasin. Groundwater users and associated land uses include, but are not limited to: irrigated agricultural land uses; domestic well users; urban land uses serviced by community water systems; non-irrigated rangeland with groundwater wells; non-irrigated rangeland, open space, and undeveloped land with no groundwater wells.

Submittals must be received by December 13, 2023 at 4:00 PM