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Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP)

A single Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) is under development for the VinaGSA Subbasin.  The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), passed in the fall of 2014, establishes a new structure for managing groundwater resources in California and requires adoption of a GSP by January 30, 2022.  Development of the Vina GSP is underway and is funded by a Proposition 1 GSP Planning grant. 

The main components and steps for GSP development are described here:

Basin Setting Chapters

The Basin Setting Project produced draft chapters for two main sections of the GSP:  Basin Setting and Monitoring Network. 

This presentation provides an overview of the Basin Setting project tasks:

Basin Setting Project Overview_Slides.pdf

The draft Basin Setting chapter includes the hydrogeologic conceptual model, groundwater conditions, and water budget information for the subbasin. 

Draft Basin Setting Vina 200807.pdfDraft Basin Setting Appendix A Vina 200807.pdfTable 1-8 Groundwater System Water Budget (corrected).pdf

Significant portions of the draft Monitoring Network chapter are also available for review. This chapter discusses monitoring networks objectives, groundwater level monitoring, groundwater storage monitoring, land subsidence, and groundwater/surface water interaction, 

Draft Monitoring Network Vina 200805.pdf

Public review drafts of these chapters were released for a 30 day comment period August 10-September 8, 2020. These chapters will not be considered final until they are combined with the rest of the GSP for review and public comment sometime in mid-2021.

Staff Report SHAC_Basin Setting Comments 992020.pdfStaff Report Board_Basin Setting Comments_1072020.pdfCompiled Public Comments_Basin Setting Chapters_1052020.pdf

Sustainable Management Criteria

The goal of the GSP is to provide a path towards sustainability within the Vina Subbasin.  To achieve this goal, criteria must be established to meet the sustainability objectives.  This section will define the undesirable results, the minimm thresholds which need to be met to meet sustainability goals and the interim measurable objectives.

Provided below is an overview of Sustainable Management Criteria (SMC), including terms and concepts associated with sustainability goals, undesirable results, minimum thresholds, and measurable objectives.

SMC_Overview of terms and concepts.pdf

Projects and Management Actions

Part of the GSP process will be implementing Projects and Management Actions (PMAs) which help move the subbasin towards its goal of sustainability. 

Here is a presentation to the Stakeholder Advisory Committee about PMAs:

Vina_GSP PMA SHAC 102020.pptx

Other useful documents pertaining to PMAs are provided below:

PMA Glossary.pdfPMA Legal Implications Discussion Paper.pdfRecharge Study Chapter 5.pdfFloodMAR fact sheet 2018.pdf

We want to hear from YOU - Submit your PMA ideas by April 30, 2021.

We are looking for ideas about potential PMAs that could be evaluated and possibly included in the Vina Groundwater Sustainability Plan.  We are launchin an online form to collect your ideas.  When available you will find the link here. You can contact us through this link:

Submit your PMA ideas - Click here for the online Vina GSA PMA Submittal Form.

Or download a .pdf or Word version for your use: 

PMA Submittal Form for Vina Subbasin consideration_1-13-20.docxPMA Submittal Form for Vina Subbasin consideration_1-13-20.pdf

Next Steps

Sustainable Management Criteria (SMC) and other portions of the plans are under development.  Preliminary drafts will be discussed by the SHAC, the GSA Board and public workshops. 

As drafts are available for public comment, they will be posted here.

Anticipated schedule of GSP development and sections available for public review (subject to change, check the meeting schedules for the Board and SHAC):

  • February 2021: Sustainable Management Criteria
  • March 2021: Representative Monitoring Network
  • June 2021: Projects and Management Actions
  • July 2021: Plan Implementation Chapter
  • September 2021: Complete Draft GSP
  • December 2021: GSA Board adopts the GSP
  • December 2021: GSA Board adopts the GSP

Public Comments and Questions

Comments or questions can be submitted by clicking here.

Or email: